Ex works Remchingen plus packaging costs.

Transport is performed by parcel service (DPD) or forwarding agent (Pan Europa).

The shipping and packaging costs are calculated against the flat rate net costs.


Minimum order value

Minimum order value             € 100,00
Minimum quantity surcharge   € 15,00


Price list for DPD shipping (per package)

Czechia - weight up to3,0 kg5,0 kg10,0 kg15,0 kg20,0 kg25,0 kg31,5 kg
Shipping costs12,00 €12,00 €20,00 €20,00 €20,00 €20,00 €20,00 €



Price List for Shipping through a Freight Forwarder

The following price list only includes the packaging costs.
Freight costs for deliveries outside Germany and Austria on request




Packaging costs for long goods


General cargo

Pipe consignments up to a weight of 400 kg are transported as "general cargo". If the pipe bundles are shipped as general cargo, the shipment may be reloaded several times by the forwarding agent. To protect the pipes in this case from transport damage during loading and unloading, the bundles are packed in wooden slats.

We provide bundles > Ø 35 cm or > 100 kg with a loading device that allows loading and unloading from the front.


slatted waistband < Ø 16 cm€ 22,80
slatted waistband < Ø 36 cm€ 37,50
slatted waistband > Ø 35 cm€ 45,00


Pipe shipments over 400 kg will be taken over by our forwarding agency as direct transport.

These consignments are not reloaded in further depots, but are delivered directly.

In this case, we do not pack the pipe bundles separately and therefore there are no separate packaging costs.


Rohrsendungen über 400 kg übernimmt unsere Spedition als Direktfahrt.

Bei einer Direktfahrt wird die Sendung nicht in einem Depot umgeladen, sondern auf direktem Wege zugestellt.

In diesem Fall werden die Rohrbunde von uns nicht extra verpackt.

Hier fallen keine separaten Verpackungskosten an.