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Stainless steel Systems

Overview of pipe connection types

coupling - clamping - screwing - pressing - flanging

Teekay Pipe Coupling System

Teekay pipe couplings allow pipes to be connected quickly and easily without the need for flanging, welding, grooving or threading. The pipes can be cut to length, butted together and connected with a pipe coupling on site. This saves space, weight, time and therefore costs - for every installation.

Stainless steel pipe couplings in the dimensions 21.3 to 4,200 mm can be used in a wide range of applications, e.g. in general pipeline construction, shipbuilding, building services, the automotive industry, civil engineering, production plants and the oil and gas industry.

Axilock - the tension-proof pipe coupling

The Axilock range was developed to join smooth pipes. The use of an anchor ring on each side of the stainless steel pipe coupling provides a high degree of safety. It ensures that the pipes cannot be pulled apart under pressure. Each stainless steel coupling has a rubber insert to ensure the high standard of corrosion resistance throughout the life of the coupling.

Axiflex - non-tensile pipe coupling

The Axiflex coupling with its highly pronounced progressive sealing lips is suitable for mounting on already fastened/fixed pipes. The Axiflex range includes the repair coupling, the repair clamp and the step coupling. The repair couplings are ideal for all applications where a permanent repair under pressure is required. With the step coupling different materials and pipe diameters can be connected to each other.

Victaulic® - grooving technology

In the Victaulic system, grooved pipes and fittings are joined together by means of a pipe coupling. Stainless steel pipes, fittings and adapters for the Victaulic System are grooved (milled or rolled) on our machines.

OGS - Original Groove System

The standard groove system includes rigid and flexible pipe couplings made of carbon steel in galvanized and painted versions as well as pipe couplings made of stainless steel.

StrengThin™ 100 System

The StrengThin™ 100 system is designed for thin-walled stainless steel pipes. This system is available in sizes from DN 50 to DN 300. The pipe couplings are available galvanized or thermoplastic coated. Available sealing materials are EPDM and nitrile. This system is used in cooling, cold and hot water, in air with oil vapours, in drinking water and many other stainless steel applications. The rigid coupling type E497 is designed for nominal pressures up to 16 bar. In addition to the coupling, we stock grooved fittings and adapters in AISI 304 and AISI 316.

Tri-Clamp clamp connection

The TC clamp connection is one of the most widely used pipe connections worldwide. It is an easily detachable and therefore very flexible connection type. The Tri-Clamp clamp connection for stainless steel pipes is standardized by DIN 32676, ISO 2852 and ISO 1127.

The clamp connection is mainly used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

The standard surface finish of Tri-Clamp connectors is hygiene class H3 (inside < 0.8µm, outside < 1.6µm).

The TC clamping spigots are coaxially centered by the seal and frictionally connected with a closing clamp or clamping ring. The TC clamp connections are designed for the following pressures according to DIN 32676: For pipe outside diameter up to 42.4 mm 25 bar. For outside pipe diameters up to 76.1 mm 16 bar. For outside pipe diameters up to 219.1 mm 10 bar.

The Tri-Clamp sealing clamps type SH and type SSH are available in stainless steel material AISI 304 and AISI 316 (1.4408). All Tri-Clamp connecting pieces are stored in stainless steel material AISI 316L (1.4404). The standard material of the Tri-Clamp seal is EPDM. Optionally the Tri-Clamp seal is also available in silicone, FKM/ FPM (Viton®) and PTFE.

In addition to the basic parts (Tri-Clamp sealing clamp and Tri-Clamp weld end as well as Tri-Camp blind end), TC elbows, TC tees, TC hose nozzles and many other clamp connection components are available for the construction of your system.

Cutting ring fittings according to ISO 8434

The pipe connection with cutting ring is the most common high pressure fitting system. The cutting ring fitting was designed for pipes of the metric dimensional series.

The cutting ring fitting is characterised by simple and safe assembly using two wrenches.

The German standard according to DIN 2353 has been replaced by the international standard ISO 8434. The ISO 8434 defines all dimensions such as the thread, the spanner flats, the through holes.

Typical applications are hydraulic applications with high pressures. Cutting ring couplings according to DIN EN ISO 8434-1 (formerly DIN 2353) is also colloquially called Ermeto couplings.

We offer 3 series of cutting ring fittings made of V4A stainless steel:

  • LL: Low pressure range up to 100 bar e.g. compressed air applications
  • L: for higher pressures up to max. 350 bar e.g. hydraulic systems
  • S: for strong pressure surges up to 400 bar or 630 bar

In order to create a secure and durable connection, we recommend the use of seamless, soft annealed precision tubes made of stainless steel (material 1.4571) in accordance with DIN 2462 or EN ISO 1127, tolerance class D4/T3 DIN 2391 or EN 10305/1.

Press fittings according to DVGW W541

Stainless steel press fittings are used in domestic and industrial applications.

Press fittings press pliers

Stainless steel press fittings are a popular and inexpensive alternative to welded connections. We supply stainless steel press fittings with M-contour in the sizes 6 mm to 168.3 mm.

screw connection

We support you from the individual planning to the execution, assembly and successful completion of the construction project. Our service includes the care, maintenance and repair of pressing pliers.

For a smooth handling of your construction site assembly we offer you all necessary machines and tools for purchase or for rent.

We offer press training with final certificate and sample piece, and give you danit the security of the correct and fitting application for your areas.

Our press fittings, stainless steel pipes (material V4A -1.4401) and O-rings (EPDM, NBR, FKM) for gas and drinking water installations comply with DVGW regulations GW 541.