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»Increasingly fierce international
competition allows for only three speeds:
fast, faster, and fastest.«

Core competency

A range of over 2000 products makes us your one-stop provider of rust and acid resistant stainless steel pipe fittings and valves. Our 5 locations across Germany exist so that we can be close to our customers. Company-wide information sharing and knowledge transfer make it possible for us to offer you competent, knowledgeable advice and a quick response time.

Mission statement

We can’t offer the best deal for all products – but we aim to convince our customers that we offer the best possible price for the high-quality products we sell. We aim to offer top quality at the lowest possible prices. We want our customers to trust in our products, so that they no longer feel the need to spend time comparing prices in a crowded and confusing market overflowing with different offers.




»Quality beats Price«




»Transparency breeds trust«

Customer interfaces

Every employee is a bridge of trust between our company and our customers.

Although we still form personal relationships with many customers, the Internet has dramatically changed the way people do business with us, and hence the way we do business with people. Our Internet site allows easy access to such information as current order and delivery status, certifications, stock, availability and prices.

Corporate culture

We know that each and every employee is an important and valuable part of our team, regardless of job description or level of responsibility. We believe that this philosophy is necessary to the healthy development of our company. Every member of our team is encouraged to work as independently and while taking on as much responsibility as they feel comfortable with. Our employee relationship is both our biggest challenge and the measure of our success.




»We treat our employees with gratitude, respect, and esteem«
(Reinhold Würth, Entrepreneur)


»Many people believe that only numbers are
relevant. That’s ridiculous. Only economists
believe that people act rationally.
 Beauty, joy, hope, justice, freedom, and society
– these are abiding ideals.«

(Gary Halm, Business Consultant)


People, their emotions, and their occasional inconsistencies are central to our company. We expect and promote social competency – honesty, responsibility, and being aware of and respecting other people’s boundaries, as well as our own.