INDEX - Article abbreviation

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AN.  Welding nipple

BF.  Blind flange
BO.  Bend 90°, type 3D

DN. Barrel nipple

FL. Welding neck flange
FK.  2-pc ball valve flanged end
FG.  Threaded flange

GF.  Plate flange

HM.  Half socket

KA.  Hexagon cap
KB.  Torispherical head
K2.  2-pc ball valve

LF.  Loose plate flange

MU.  Socket
MS.  Gate valve

RK.  Concentric reducer
RS.  Hexagon bushing
RM.  Reducing socket

SC.  Pipe clamp, shape A
SF.  Y-strainer
ST.  Hexagon plug

TS.  Equal tee, threaded fittings
TR.  Equal tee, welded fittings

WI.  Elbow 90°, F/F